Weeks 15 and 16

The stuff of the past two weeks (click images to enlarge): 

A new and fantastic Le Débardeur Mouvie (English and German subs included):

Two new photo comics: Les hobbies modernes and Il en faut deux.

See you next time!


Multiplicity Collection

I will regularly update this post (and put it on the front page) with all of my multiplicity images. Click the images to get a larger version.

The famous hand gun and the finger bullets. 

(This is probably the most apathetic dog there is.)

To screw in a lightbulb, one person holds the lightbulb and the four others turn the table.
I just love the giant stamp.


Week 14

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

I'm not sure why, so don't ask!

I still haven't figured out the problem with the lighting. Any ideas?

An ad for virile water (English and German subs included).

And a bonus vid where water splashes in slow-motion while electronic music is playing. It's like a bad music clip.

A new photo comic: les fichiers lourds.

And the weekly Le Débardeur Comic: expensive player.

See you next week (maybe)!