New stuff!

As it's almost been a year since the last time, here's a short update.
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Poker night!

My dentist's appointment didn't go as expected. I got cool sun glasses though!

Unfortunately, there haven't been any new comics.
Enjoy the old ones while I try using a pen again without cramping up.

See you next time!


More Stuff!

Olá! Just a quick update with the stuff from the last couple of months, so that you don't have to wait another year. Click images to enlarge.

 You should never gamble, unless you are sure to be the winner anyways.
 Remember to always eat healthy, kids!
Me without a beard and my brother's chin. Shaving would surely have been easier and faster, but no!
This did not quite work out as I thought it would.
A Wee Planet of Belém, Lisbon. I am slowly getting the hang of it.
 Several hours of early evening in the same photo.


 Palácio Fronteira
 Palácio Fronteira
 Palácio da Pena, Sintra
  Palácio da Pena, Sintra

And finally two new Le Débardeur Comics:

See you next time!


Some new stuff

Hey! It's been a while. 13 months to be precise. A lot of stuff has happened since the last time I posted here, but I didn't have the time to produce a lot of stuff myself unfortunately. Secondly, I don't own a camera right now and you will find taking pictures without a camera is quite hard. Anyways, enjoy!
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I spent a lot of time taking pictures last year (I took over 15000). I don't want this to become a photo blog. This blog is meant for nonsense! So here's just a very short compilation of some of my favorite shots:

I gave the wee planet a new shot:

Le Débardeur Comics: 

Just go on the site! Everything up to comic #265 is new.

See you next time/week/year!

PS: If you ever go to Portugal, come by and say hi!

PPS: Not enough? Feeling frustrated? Just enjoy my old posts again starting right after this one!


The stuff from the last couple of months (time flies!)

The stuff in no particular order(click images to enlarge, videos to start and links to open, Xs to close and thumbs to vote):


A first try making a Wee Planet of ... my living room. There's still a lot to learn.

Some pictures taken at night:

Sometimes, when I'm alone, I shop myself:

A video explaining how to burn those calories:

Photo comics: 

And some Le Débardeur Comics: 

See you next time!


Weeks 17, 18 and 19

The last weeks' stuff (click images to enlarge): 

A spam postcard. If you're too lazy to type the link by hand, just click the image. There's a surprise waiting just for you.

Here's some fruit floating in mid-air:

 Two new photo comics: Les belles vues and les demandes d'ami.

See you next week!


Weeks 15 and 16

The stuff of the past two weeks (click images to enlarge): 

A new and fantastic Le Débardeur Mouvie (English and German subs included):

Two new photo comics: Les hobbies modernes and Il en faut deux.

See you next time!


Multiplicity Collection

I will regularly update this post (and put it on the front page) with all of my multiplicity images. Click the images to get a larger version.

The famous hand gun and the finger bullets. 

(This is probably the most apathetic dog there is.)

To screw in a lightbulb, one person holds the lightbulb and the four others turn the table.
I just love the giant stamp.