Weeks 17, 18 and 19

The last weeks' stuff (click images to enlarge): 

A spam postcard. If you're too lazy to type the link by hand, just click the image. There's a surprise waiting just for you.

Here's some fruit floating in mid-air:

 Two new photo comics: Les belles vues and les demandes d'ami.

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Weeks 15 and 16

The stuff of the past two weeks (click images to enlarge): 

A new and fantastic Le Débardeur Mouvie (English and German subs included):

Two new photo comics: Les hobbies modernes and Il en faut deux.

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Multiplicity Collection

I will regularly update this post (and put it on the front page) with all of my multiplicity images. Click the images to get a larger version.

The famous hand gun and the finger bullets. 

(This is probably the most apathetic dog there is.)

To screw in a lightbulb, one person holds the lightbulb and the four others turn the table.
I just love the giant stamp.


Week 14

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

I'm not sure why, so don't ask!

I still haven't figured out the problem with the lighting. Any ideas?

An ad for virile water (English and German subs included).

And a bonus vid where water splashes in slow-motion while electronic music is playing. It's like a bad music clip.

A new photo comic: les fichiers lourds.

And the weekly Le Débardeur Comic: expensive player.

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Week 13

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

A new reading video:

And a new Le Débardeur Mouvie. English and German subtitles included!

A new photo comic: espèce en voie de disparition.

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Week 12

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

This is how you change a lightbulb: One guy holds the lightbulb and the four other guys turn the table to screw it in.

A new photo comic: être romantique.

A bonus comic: Pie chart.

 And the weekly Le Débardeur Comic: Scary Story.

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Week 11

I wasn't at home for about half the week, so I'm rather short on new stuff...

A new photo comic: clavier allemand.

And the weekly Le Débardeur Comic: Theisms.

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Week 10

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

The first try of a new idea. The lighting wasn't perfect though...

 A nice little meal with the whole family.

A new video including English and German subtitles.

A new photo comic: l'inverse.

And the weekly Le Débardeur Comic: I don't want to go to sleep!

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Week 9

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

I also did a RITNP video on the very same swing:

I made two videos this week. There are English subtitles available, even though I don't talk a lot in this one. It's about an artist and his model:

A new photo comic: manger ou être mangé.

No weekly Le Débardeur Comic this week, sorry.

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Week 8

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

A new video. Again, it's only in French. The next video will have subtitles, I promise.

This week, I enjoyed a nice game of Jenga with... myself.

 A new photo comic: Les 5 stades de la procrastination.

The weekly Le Débardeur Comic: Learning Swedish.

I have also prepared a few videos and photos which you will see, cut and shopped into something nice, over the next couple of weeks.

See you next week!


Weak 7

Yes, it was a very weak week in terms of stuff I can actually show. I did however prepare a few things I will need for the next videos I will be making.

This week's stuff (click image to enlarge): 

 A new photo comic: Carte postale.

And the weekly Le Débardeur Comic: #243. It's about saving energy.

See you next week with more stuff!


Week 6

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge): 

A few weeks ago I told you I was making a mug design for myself. It is done:

 A great advertising space:

I personally use it to advertise my face:

I made a new video. I should probably warn you that it is in French and that I didn't add subtitles as it's more or less one giant pun.

The weekly Le Débardeur comic, #242. It's about being lucky. Or stupid.

See you next week!


Week 5

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge):

A picture of me and my girlfriend (look very closely and you can see the neighbor's house, too).

They call me pacman.

A new photo comic: Virtualité et Réalité.

The weekly Le Débardeur Comic: #241.

Another week has passed and more nonsense has been added to the Internet.
Last week I promised to write something about boredom, so I don't think I'll have the choice of not doing it (this is the kind of social pressure I was talking about in my first post on this site). It might get a little confusing as I write like I think.

I kind of forgot the reason why I wanted to talk to you about this in the first place. It probably has been bugging me as people don't stop asking/telling me that I'm bored (and that, consequently, I should do something "productive", usually for them). Fact is, I do not get bored. On the contrary, I would be in favor of slowing down the earth's rotation to gain a few more hours per day (Which I could use until getting lynched by the farmville community).
I don't really understand how you can get bored in the first place when you are free to do whatever the hell you want to do. Especially in times of the Internet available everywhere and portable anythings. Even if you are only looking for passive (visual) stimulation of your senses, you can pass several lifetimes before getting through all the content which is currently on video streaming sites. 72 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube alone every minute (multiply this by a factor of twelve for all those porn streaming sites out there). When you are done with this, there are still millions of books (billions of web pages!) about any subject you could possibly imagine. If you are more of an interactive type, you can go talk to someone who's bored, too. Or play a game. Or invent something new. Something like a game you could play when you are bored perhaps. Or learn a new skill. If you are alone and really don't know what to do, there's always masturbation. If you are not alone, there's always secret masturbation (also called stealth masturbation). Long story short, the possibilities are endless.
Don't get me wrong. I understand the concept of boredom. I probably lost months of my life while waiting until something is over. I was bored almost all of the time I was in school, a little less in university and a lot more in the few jobs I have worked until now, which mostly consisted of looking busy in front of a computer screen, even though there was really nothing to do and I could have used my time in a more useful way.
But this kind of boredom doesn't end when you are at home. You put yourself in front of the TV "to relax" and remain incapable of getting up, turning it off and doing something actually relaxing (like light sports, which are a better method to relax in the long run. Pun intended) until you get hungry/have to go to the toilet/fall asleep.
Anyways, out of curiosity, I went on Wikipedia to see if we are talking about the same thing when I say boredom. The first sentence goes like this:

Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings. (source)
I don't know if the writer(s) of this article were using the passive voice on purpose, but it illustrates the problem perfectly. The "individual" is depicted as someone without a mind of their own. Like they need someone to tell them what to do all the time. This is the case in school or at your working place. You are not supposed to play your guitar or read a great book in those places, even if your work's already done/you already know the stuff the teacher's trying to explain. It's not about you or your work, it's about consuming your precious time.
As you are conditioned to this kind of behavior most of your waking hours, it translates into your private life. Nobody's there to tell you what to do, so you get bored and turn on the TV and lose the remaining few moments of your precious time to something you probably don't really care about.
I might be a little too cynical about this. There surely are people who don't get bored neither at their job nor at home. But I really can't conceive the thought that doing the same thing for 40 hours a week for more than a few months will not leave you in a state of mind of general boredom.
There's more to the subject than I initially thought, but I have to end this here for the moment and reserve the rest for future subjects in future posts.

Feel free to leave a comment and continue the discussion. Especially if you think what I'm writing is complete and utter bullshit. I love overheated debates as much as anybody.


Week 4

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge):

I made a new video! It gives some advice on how to learn and shpeak German. It's in French, but I added English subtitles that you can find in the captions menu. This took a lot of time (about two and half DAYS), mainly because I had to learn how to use a few programs that were unknown to me.

Be careful the next time someone points a finger at you. He might want to put a finger inside you somewhere you certainly wouldn't enjoy it!
I tried some other things in PSD, but they were horrible disasters made by someone who doesn't know the hell he's doing.

A new photo comic: études de traduction.

The weekly Le Débardeur comic: #240.

I wanted to write something insightful about boredom, but I'm lazy (they call me King of the Sloths where I come from. I'm even too lazy to finish sen). No, really. If there was a toilet in my seat, I would probably die of old age in this very chair.
Long story short, expect something a little more worthwile about the subject of boredom next week (I'm also the King of Procrastination).
Oh, yeah, one thing before I release you to your worries and anger about the upcoming Monday (sorry for reminding you. And you almost managed to forget about it!):
If you have an idea or suggestion for what I should do with my face or body in the next photoshops I will be doing, feel free to leave a comment. My photoshop skills won't guarantee a good result, but I promise I'll try!

See you next week!


Week 3

This week's stuff:

For those who speak/understand French: I started reenacting my comics as photo comics and the first comic, Pi, went up this week.

I am currently working on a design for a (very) personal mug. I can't show you the finished result yet, but here's a detail:

This would have been a lot easier if it weren't for that nice and handsome facial hair of mine. But how does one eat like that? Putting aside the fact that you would probably almost drown everytime it rained...

I have been filming for two small videos, but I didn't have the time nor the motivation to cut them into something nice and enjoyable.

The weekly Le Débardeur comic, #239.

This week, when getting directions on my bike in rural France, I was told to "turn right at the dog and turn left when you got to the horses". I think it is important you know that I arrived savely and the dog chased me for only a few miles, while completely failing at his job as direction indicator.
A few days later, my beloved bike was turned into a piece of modern art by some very shy artists working exclusively at night. I think they called it: "fucking lock's to damn fucking strong, so let's just fucking break the fucking rest!", but in a (probably drunk) French accent, of course. At least I now already have a lock and all I have to do is find the matching bike.
The scooters and cars around my bike don't even have a scratch by the way, which brings me to only one conclusion: the aggressors were ecological terrorists trying to turn the green and blue planet into a grey and orange desert by making people take the car or the bus to burn fossil fuels at a greater rate. Not a very useful action, as the town is already burning a lot of fuel by making empty buses drive around when they are not needed. Me now taking the bus instead of my bike and thus being the sole person making use of it would probably be an ecological gesture. On top of that, I would feel like the pope in his pope mobile. But I won't negotiate with terrorists and meet their attack with a counterattack by peeing into a someone's gas tank. For the planet!


Week 2

For the impatient, this is what I did this week (click the images to enlarge):
This counts double, as it took twice as long as I care to admit.
And the Ipod version without the Ipod.
This one was fun to make.
I'm currently on a photoshop spree, which will probably last for a few months until I get out of ideas or motivation.
I can't wait to give this to the next person with a birthday. Anyone?

I put up a new reading video, which took only about twelve million takes.

And of course the weekly Le Débardeur Comic, #238.

I also tried a lot of other things, like walking in mid-air or accurately knowing the position AND the momentum of an electron at the same time, but those things didn't really work out. Should I ever succeed, you will be among the first few hundred people I will inform.

I've decided to make sunday my new blog day, as it's the actual end of the week and everybody, while trying to avoid any thought about Monday, will seek for pleasure and distraction wherever they can. Compared to a Friday evening, when everybody tries to wipe out their memories from the past week to enjoy a sweet weekend of partial liberty. And beer. Lots of beer.

See you next Sunday!


Hello World! | Week 1

My first blog post! I'm so excited, all the adrenaline in my body could make a horde of elephants start a stampede trampling to death the guys injecting them with it!

As this is the first blog in a series of blogs to come,  I shouldn't make this about me. I should make this about my blog.
To a lead a busier life, one fine day I decided to do something creative every day. By this I mean I try and create something small or part of something big every day (Except on weekends. Life on weekends is about desctruction, mainly of your liver and your bank account, not about creation.) I have been adhering to this policy for a few weeks now and decided to increase my motivation by adding social pressure into the equation.

This site is dedicated to show you once a week (some of) the stuff I made during the past week. This way, I'm holding myself accountable to the most unsatisfiable person on the face of the earth. No, not my mother, I'm talking about the Internet, of course.

Should I, for some obscure reason, fail to deliver five items, I will bore you out of your mind with letters and words arranged in an unlikely fashion instead.

As I have several projects going and some more only in my mind or on paper, a second function of this site is the collection of the stuff I publish about everywhere on the Internet. I am no friend of centralisation, but I do like having all my stuff in one single place. Its like clothes. I like having different kinds of clothes, like socks or T-shirts, and, call me crazy, I like finding them all in one single place.

To end this first post, here are some of the things I did in the last few days (click images to enlarge) :

(channel art for Le Débardeur Mouvies)

Did you see my beautiful hands? Maybe I should get a job as a hand model. I would have a handjob all week! Sorry.

This very blog. (If you think I'm openly cheating, you're right.)

That's all for now folks. Feel free to leave a comment! See you next week!