Week 4

This week's stuff (click images to enlarge):

I made a new video! It gives some advice on how to learn and shpeak German. It's in French, but I added English subtitles that you can find in the captions menu. This took a lot of time (about two and half DAYS), mainly because I had to learn how to use a few programs that were unknown to me.

Be careful the next time someone points a finger at you. He might want to put a finger inside you somewhere you certainly wouldn't enjoy it!
I tried some other things in PSD, but they were horrible disasters made by someone who doesn't know the hell he's doing.

A new photo comic: études de traduction.

The weekly Le Débardeur comic: #240.

I wanted to write something insightful about boredom, but I'm lazy (they call me King of the Sloths where I come from. I'm even too lazy to finish sen). No, really. If there was a toilet in my seat, I would probably die of old age in this very chair.
Long story short, expect something a little more worthwile about the subject of boredom next week (I'm also the King of Procrastination).
Oh, yeah, one thing before I release you to your worries and anger about the upcoming Monday (sorry for reminding you. And you almost managed to forget about it!):
If you have an idea or suggestion for what I should do with my face or body in the next photoshops I will be doing, feel free to leave a comment. My photoshop skills won't guarantee a good result, but I promise I'll try!

See you next week!


Week 3

This week's stuff:

For those who speak/understand French: I started reenacting my comics as photo comics and the first comic, Pi, went up this week.

I am currently working on a design for a (very) personal mug. I can't show you the finished result yet, but here's a detail:

This would have been a lot easier if it weren't for that nice and handsome facial hair of mine. But how does one eat like that? Putting aside the fact that you would probably almost drown everytime it rained...

I have been filming for two small videos, but I didn't have the time nor the motivation to cut them into something nice and enjoyable.

The weekly Le Débardeur comic, #239.

This week, when getting directions on my bike in rural France, I was told to "turn right at the dog and turn left when you got to the horses". I think it is important you know that I arrived savely and the dog chased me for only a few miles, while completely failing at his job as direction indicator.
A few days later, my beloved bike was turned into a piece of modern art by some very shy artists working exclusively at night. I think they called it: "fucking lock's to damn fucking strong, so let's just fucking break the fucking rest!", but in a (probably drunk) French accent, of course. At least I now already have a lock and all I have to do is find the matching bike.
The scooters and cars around my bike don't even have a scratch by the way, which brings me to only one conclusion: the aggressors were ecological terrorists trying to turn the green and blue planet into a grey and orange desert by making people take the car or the bus to burn fossil fuels at a greater rate. Not a very useful action, as the town is already burning a lot of fuel by making empty buses drive around when they are not needed. Me now taking the bus instead of my bike and thus being the sole person making use of it would probably be an ecological gesture. On top of that, I would feel like the pope in his pope mobile. But I won't negotiate with terrorists and meet their attack with a counterattack by peeing into a someone's gas tank. For the planet!


Week 2

For the impatient, this is what I did this week (click the images to enlarge):
This counts double, as it took twice as long as I care to admit.
And the Ipod version without the Ipod.
This one was fun to make.
I'm currently on a photoshop spree, which will probably last for a few months until I get out of ideas or motivation.
I can't wait to give this to the next person with a birthday. Anyone?

I put up a new reading video, which took only about twelve million takes.

And of course the weekly Le Débardeur Comic, #238.

I also tried a lot of other things, like walking in mid-air or accurately knowing the position AND the momentum of an electron at the same time, but those things didn't really work out. Should I ever succeed, you will be among the first few hundred people I will inform.

I've decided to make sunday my new blog day, as it's the actual end of the week and everybody, while trying to avoid any thought about Monday, will seek for pleasure and distraction wherever they can. Compared to a Friday evening, when everybody tries to wipe out their memories from the past week to enjoy a sweet weekend of partial liberty. And beer. Lots of beer.

See you next Sunday!


Hello World! | Week 1

My first blog post! I'm so excited, all the adrenaline in my body could make a horde of elephants start a stampede trampling to death the guys injecting them with it!

As this is the first blog in a series of blogs to come,  I shouldn't make this about me. I should make this about my blog.
To a lead a busier life, one fine day I decided to do something creative every day. By this I mean I try and create something small or part of something big every day (Except on weekends. Life on weekends is about desctruction, mainly of your liver and your bank account, not about creation.) I have been adhering to this policy for a few weeks now and decided to increase my motivation by adding social pressure into the equation.

This site is dedicated to show you once a week (some of) the stuff I made during the past week. This way, I'm holding myself accountable to the most unsatisfiable person on the face of the earth. No, not my mother, I'm talking about the Internet, of course.

Should I, for some obscure reason, fail to deliver five items, I will bore you out of your mind with letters and words arranged in an unlikely fashion instead.

As I have several projects going and some more only in my mind or on paper, a second function of this site is the collection of the stuff I publish about everywhere on the Internet. I am no friend of centralisation, but I do like having all my stuff in one single place. Its like clothes. I like having different kinds of clothes, like socks or T-shirts, and, call me crazy, I like finding them all in one single place.

To end this first post, here are some of the things I did in the last few days (click images to enlarge) :

(channel art for Le Débardeur Mouvies)

Did you see my beautiful hands? Maybe I should get a job as a hand model. I would have a handjob all week! Sorry.

This very blog. (If you think I'm openly cheating, you're right.)

That's all for now folks. Feel free to leave a comment! See you next week!